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Ganergy Heavy Industry Group (GNG) was established in 1956, which is the leading enterprise in the field of large-scale oil drilling-production equipment manufacture. Our group is also the long-term strategic partner of CNPC, SINOPEC, CNOOC and Yanchang Petroleum, the National Torch Base of Oil Drilling Equipment. It integrates oil and gas equipment manufacturing, energy development, oil field operations and financial services. Our group consists of a large number of subsidiaries which can be classified into equipment manufacture sector, engineering service sector, financing service sector and international business sector, and owns storage yard and special railway lines, possesses a registered capital of RMB 3.8 billion, and covers a total area of 12 million m2 with a building area of 4.8 million m2, and there are 18,000 employees.

  • Rail-mounted Drilling Rigs
  • ZJ50D Skid-mounted Modular Drilling Rigs
  • ZJ50DB Skid-mounted Modular Drilling Rigs
  • ZJ50J Skid-mounted Modular Drilling Rigs
  • ZJ70DB Skid-mounted Modular Drilling Rigs
  • ZJ90DB Skid-mounted Modular Drilling Rigs
  • Jack-up Drilling Platform
  • Semi-submersible Drilling Platform
  • Various Marine Engineering Modules
  • 25-120t Truck Crane
  • SQ10S
  • Lorry-Mounted Crane For Drill Pipe
  • Data Van
  • Manifold Truck
  • 2000 HHP of Fracturing Truck
  • 2500 HHP of Fracturing Truck
  • 31 Tons Sand Truck
  • 130-barrel fracturing blender truck
  • 100-barrel fracturing blender truck
  • 16 Tons of Sweeping Vehicle
  • 18 Tons of New Energy Compression Garbage Truck
  • 25 Tons Multifunction Snow Sweeper
  • 25 CBM of Liquid Supply Truck
  • 32 Tons of Fuel Tanker
  • LNG Transportation Vehicle
  • Aluminum Semi-Trailer Fuel Tanker
  • Electrical Articulating Boom
  • Telescopic Boom Lift
  • Rough Terrain Scissor Lift
  • Electrical Scissor Lift
  • Diesel Articulating Boom Lift
  • ZJ10/1125CZ Truck-mounted Drill Rigs
  • ZJ15/1350CZ Truck-mounted Drill Rigs
  • ZJ20/1470CZ Truck-mounted Drill Rigs
  • ZJ30/1700CZ Truck-mounted Drill Rigs
  • ZJ40/2250CZ Truck-mounted Drill Rigs
  • XJ350 Workover Rig (90 tons)
  • XJ450 Workover Rig (110 tons)
  • XJ550 Workover Rig (135 ton)
  • XJ650 Workover Rig (160 tons)
  • Top Drive Series
  • ZQ Drill Pipe Power Tong
  • TQ Casing Power Tong
  • XQ114/6YC Oil Tube Power Tong
  • XQ114/12ws Hydraulic Power Tong
  • XQ140/12Y Hydraulic Power Tong
  • XQ28/1.8Y Hydraulic Power Tong
  • XQ89/3YD (3YF) Hydraulic Power Tong
  • XQB89/8XY Hydraulic Power Tong
  • CTK Pumping Rod Tripping Power Tong
  • DH Single-Armed Elevator Links
  • SH Double-Armed Elevator Links
  • CD Side-open Drill Pipe Elevator
  • DD Central-latch Drill Pipe Elevator
  • DD Central-latch (18°Tapered Steps) Drill Pipe Elevator
  • Tapered Rubber Core Annular Preventer (Type A)
  • Sphere Rubber Core Annular BOP (Type D)
  • Single Ram BOP
  • Double Ram BOP
  • Control System for Surface Mounted BOP Stacks FK125-3
  • Rodless Reciprocating Electric Submersible Pump
  • Type YHC Series Pumping Unit
  • Snubbing Units
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Ganergy Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Address: Haicheng City, Liaoning Province, China

Post Code: 114200

Sales Hotline: 0086-13704204250(International Line)

                           0086-412-3671031(Domestic Line)

Website: www.sinogng.com

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