XQ114/12ws Hydraulic Power Tong


The characteristics include:
1. In the negative camber roller climb clamping structure, either of the two jaws is two die holders, and pipe body is forced in four directions, so that different pipe diameters can be accommodated by changing tong dies, and the pipe body can be clamped by the four dies in 340°;
2. A gate-control unloading mechanism is provided, so as to significantly improve the safety of use and maintenance;
3. The reaction force point is set in the tail end of the master tong, which eliminates the effects to the torque caused by space between the master tong and back-up tong. This power tong is suitable for the make-up and break-out of tubing threads.

Size Range

Master Tong

60 73 89 114 mm


Back-up Tong

73 78 89 93 108 114 132 141 mm


Max. Torque of High Gear

2.5 KN.m

Speed 68 r/min

Max. Torque of Sub High Gear

4.3 KN.m

Speed 39 r/min

Max. Torque of Sub Low Gear

7.5 KN.m

Speed 23 r/min

Max. Torque of Low Gear

12.5 KN.m

Speed 13 r/min

High Gear System Pressure

12 MPa


Max. Flow

120 L/min


Transportation weight

595 Kg