CTK Pumping Rod Tripping Power Tong


CTK pumping rod tripping power tong is a kind of open-mouth power tongs, its power is imported from low speed high pulling torque hydraulic motor, transmitted by straight-cut gear, shifted by two level gears, and reinforced by butterfly shape planetary claw three-point clamping system. This product is specifically designed for pumping rod tripping, it can tightly clamp the rod at any position so as to mechanize its tripping.

Technical Specification of CTK Pumping Rod Tripping Power Tong

Size Range

Any Standard Rods

Opening Dimension

50 mm (1 3/4)

Low Gear Rated Torque

3.5 KN·m (2581ft-lbs)

Suspension Cylinder Max. Stroke

650 mm

High Gear Rated Torque

1.0 KN·m (811 ft-lbs)

Rated Pressure

10 MPa (1450psi)

Low Gear Rated Speed

24 r/min

Max. Flow

80 L/min (21gpm)

High Gear Rated Speed

80 r/min

Transportation weight of combination tongs

115 Kg (264 lbs)