XQB89/8XY Hydraulic Power Tong


XQB89/8XY hydraulic power tong is a kind of close-mouth power tong for workover operations. It is composed of close-mouth master tong and close-mouth back up tong. The drift diameters of the master and back-up tongs are φ127mm (5″) and low gear torque rating is 8kN•m.

Technical Specifications of XQB89/8XY Hydraulic Power Tong

Size Range

φ60, φ73, φ89

2 3/8″, 2 7/8″, 3 1/2″

Opening Dimension

Master Tong

127 mm (5″)

Backup Tong

127 mm (5″)

Low Gear Rated Torque

8 KN·m/5900ft-lbs

Suspension Cylinder Max. Stroke

650 mm (25.6″)

High Gear Rated Torque

2 KN·m/1475 ft-lbs

Rated Pressure

12 MPa (1740psi)

Low Gear Rated Speed

21 r/min

Max. Flow

125 L/min (32.5gpm)

High Gear Rated Speed

90 r/min

Transportation weight of combination tongs

280 Kg (617 lbs)